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Welcome to KHTT Designs, LLC

KHTT Designs, LLC has been serving the Orange County, City of Beaumont , Port Arthur, and Lake Charles since 2009. Our company manufactures and directly imports and installs the highest quality granite countertops for individual home owners, commercial establishments, and custom builders.

KHTT Designs, LLC offers the lowest price for the highest grade granite countertops and completes hundreds of granite projects every year.



Granite countertops and marble surrounds enhance the décor of your home or business.
Granite lasts a lifetime with minimum care.
Granite is available in many styles, designs and colors.


We specialize in the fabrication of natural stones only.
We offer competitive prices.
We provide the highest quality craftsmanship.

* We can get any color
* Best prices
* Quality installation
*One year warranty on our labor
* We'll be on time

Our mission at KHTT Designs, LLC is to offer the most unique, magnificent creations to be enjoyed by all who understand and appreciate the beauty of natural stone. These unique creations begin with a block of stone, cut from the finest quarries around the world. Our craftsmen then carve this stone into a beautiful, yet functional work of art..

Stone Care
Natural stone has been formed over millions of years but improper care can ruin the natural beauty. Although we usually think stone as "hard", it is a porous material.

Sealing your stone with a quality impregnating sealer is important.

Protecting, cleaning and maintenance of all natural stone, terrazzo, masonry and ceramic surfaces. Resists water spots and stains.

18 Oz Spray $19.99

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